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UX Design Mastery Self-Paced Online Course

UX design course

Design and build better, more human products and experiences.

What’s inside?


Competitive analysis, surveys, interviews, usability testing, data


Affinity diagram, user persona, user journey, innovation games

UX & Business Strategy

UX strategy, UX canvas


Information architecture, ideation & sketching, wireframing, prototyping


Laws of UX, Behavior model


List of curated content resource; Forms, design for mobile, case studies, design principles, patterns, recommended communities, groups, podcasts, and much more

  • Designed for flexible and quick learning with bite-sized lessons
  • Focused straight to the point with practical examples
  • Videos, workbooks, templates, and curated resources

Who is this course for?

Created by the designer for designers and anyone who want to build better and more human products.

Become UX Designer

UX designers are in demand. Make a remarkable impact on a rewarding career.

Product Managers

Make smarter product decisions. Solve problems like never before. Design mindset guarantee! 


Unlock the user-centric thinking and level up your job or side projects that users love.

Startup Founders

Build products that users want. Grow your business like never before.

Who is teaching you?

I’m Robert, an experienced UX, and product designer helping many global companies in a house or as an external consultant to build their successful products. 

I’m obsessed with usability and experiences so much that I want every product that exists is usable, desirable, and pleasurable or not exist at all. 

In the age of information and the fast-paced world we live today, it is important to make technology more human, or the users will refuse it.  

Usually, experiencing my self, courses are boring, and they sound very academic. As a designer, I decided to create something fast-moving, bite-sized, and more dynamic but still fully informative. I found Uxdify to get you started building better products & experiences, understand the users, or start your UX career quicker.

Get the skills and mindset as they have in the biggest tech companies.

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